Digital Detox: A Navigator's Handbook to Tackling Trolls
March 26, 2024

The Water Hub's Sarah Bucci and Zakiyaa Taylor held the first communications training of the year focused on community management for social media. The training shared practical strategies to foster positive engagement and combat online negativity, including an engagement matrix with sample responses.

Download the Water Hub's Digital Detox guide here.

The takeaways:

  • Hate speech, bots, and misinformation is on the rise on social media at a time when moderation is being cut across platforms.
  • Social media is still an important tool for organizations to communicate with and organize their community, while enaging in digital advocacy.  Community guidelines and a community management strategy will mitigate decision-fatigue, foster positive or constructive dialogue, and protect the mental health of social media managers.
  • The sweet spot is to focus engagement on community members who are receptive to dialogue, and learn how to disengage from trolls without derailing your message and values.

To learn more, including the "real people engagement guide," download the resource, access the training slides here, and watch the recording below.