Latest national water voter poll

Thank you to everyone who joined the Water Hub's briefing on our June 2020 national voter poll, in partnership with the Water Equity & Climate Resilience Caucus and the Clean Water for All Coalition. In the briefing, we reviewed the latest results to inform advocates. Some highlights:

  • Nearly 9 in 10 voters (89%) agree that access to safe, affordable water is a human right
  • Three-quarters (75%) of voters support creating a permanent federal program to help low-income families pay their water bills
  • By more than a four-to-one margin, voters would prefer their drinking water system be owned by a public utility (58%) rather than a private company (13%)
  • 81% of voters say it is very important that infrastructure investments deliver safe drinking water
  • 59% of voters say the government should prioritize communities with the greatest need for infrastructure spending, rather than distributing funds equally (41%)
  • While only about a third (36%) of voters know much about the Clean Water Act, 96% say it’s important that rivers, lakes, and streams be safe for fish and wildlife, and 89% for drinking
  • Voters say the most important goals of U.S. farming policy are public health, environmental health, and keeping store shelves stocked
  • 84% of voters across the country are somewhat or very concerned about drought in the Western U.S.

Resources for Caucus members and allies: